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Wall Mounting Your TV Helps Save Space

Using a television mount is not only efficient, but it saves you a ton of space. If you have a living room with a fireplace, setting up a separate entertainment area will consume a significant amount of floor space in the room. When considering couches, coffee tables, and walking space that is also necessary in the room, mounting your TV is the most logical solution. Mounting your TV on your wall or over the fireplace clears up your floor space, and eliminates clutter in your living room.

Mounting your TV is also a great way to hide ugly cable wires to create a sleek clean look. You'll no longer see that jumbled mess of cords hanging down because mounting your TV helps hide those wires (see option 2 ).

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Flat Screen TV Installation Options:

Option 1No Wire Concealment

  • Mount TV on Wall
  • Wires Cable Dressed on Outside of Wall
  • Connect all Cables
  • Clean Up Job Site, Remove Packaging
  • 1-Year Installation Warranty

Option 2All Wires Concealed

  • Mount TV on Wall
  • All Wires Concealed in Wall
  • Connect all Cables
  • Clean Up Job Site, Remove Packaging
  • 1-Year Installation Warranty

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